About Pourya:

 POURYA POUREBRAHIM        Since 1984

Architect & Painter




Complexity in today’s world has become a feature and identity element It may be argued that node as a complex and intertwined element alone is capable of defining today’s world. In this series of paintings, the knot element is the basic and shaping element of the collection, which in fact started out using an inanimate nature of painting and has gradually become a painting in view of the artist’s current feelings and events.

Group Exhibitions

2019- Fall -Group \painting Exhibition- Ehsan GAllery 

2019- Fall -Group Visual Arts Exhibition ((Contemporary Art))- Saba GAllery

2018  – Spring  – Negah Movazi – SA gallery

2017 – Summer  – Privet collection – Sobhan gallery

2016 – winter  – Privet collection – Sobhan gallery

Painting & techniques:

Abstract & Symbolist Abstract 

Oil color /  Acrylic / Pastel / Mono print/Mixed media